Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 2: Yes, God?

Call it coincidence or call it the Fateful Hand of NBC directly playing into my life, but when I turned on my television tonight and saw Suze Orman and her shoulder pads on "The Biggest Loser" talking about how finances are directly related to your waist size I thought, "Good God, her teeth are glowing" and then I thought, "How appropriate that NBC is tailoring their shows to my Blog." (I am still waiting on my check, NBC)

Regardless, when Suze Shoulder Pads started talking about how spending habits and dieting habits are usually synonymous I got to thinking of my own habits and I must say, there is truth to this. I love an easy fix. It is my fantasy that the "Staples Easy Button" will become a reality in the future because in any situation, that is what I am looking for. When it comes to dieting, I am looking for the quickest, easiest way to get the fastest results with minimum effort. Diet pill? Yes, please. Magic Juice Drink with Green Tea? I'll take two, please. (In case all of you blog police are investigating, I did not take anything in my previous challenge, hence all the bitching the entire way through) Likewise, when it comes to my finances I am the same way. Not enough money? I'll hustle to make more. Or even better, just charge it. I was amazed when comparing the two how my behavior and attitude were one in the same about both subjects. This was truly an A-Ha moment, and all thanks to ole' Suze and her questionably pearly whites.

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