Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 9: Me Want Cookies!

Setting: Subway Restaurant, Lunch time...

Me: Hi. I will have the 6 inch turkey breast, wheat, toasted, with lettuce, peppers, and vinegar.

Subway sandwich artist: Hey! You no come in here for a while. Where you been?

Me: uh... have been busy, so yeah, I guess it's been awhile.

Subway sandwich artist: You no want cookie today?

Me: No thanks, not today.

Subway sandwich artist: You always get cookies! You no want cookies anymore! (laughing)

Me: (Sigh) No. (Truth? I would have traded my dog, sorry Buddy, for a cookie right then but I am making baby steps.)

Point? You know it's bad when the subway sandwich artist mocks your ability to "step away from the cookie."
Either way, Mandi- 1. Cookie- 0. A Change is comin' people!!

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