Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh Heavenly Day

Last night's dinner was my cheat meal for the week and I have been gearing up for the past couple of days, preparing myself for it like I was an Olympic competitive eater. My pick for this illicit rendevous was Mama Mia's in Nashville (if you have not been there, stop what you are doing and run there right now, run I say!) and my food mistress did not disappoint. Let's be clear, I have no restrictions on my cheat meal, it is a no judgement zone where I am free to let my inner fat girl run wild (whose name happens to be Edna- stay out of her way because she will cut a bitch- you've been warned). So there we sat, Edna and I, and indulged in bruschetta and calamari to start. Then made our way to the bread sticks that I'm pretty sure were fried in garlic butter and almost brought me to a Meg Ryan re-enactment in "When Harry Met Sally." I chose the seafod fetticine Alfredo for my main course, and even though I am starting to realize I have a possible shellfish allergy, it was totally worth the hives and throat swelling. It's a small price to pay... For Edna's sake. So now it's back to business until next week.

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