Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keep the Change Campaign

Those that know me know that I love change. Self-improvement, awareness, these are a few of my favorite things. However, a funny thing has happened as I have gotten older. Those changes that used to bring excitement and possibility to me in my 20’s have recently brought on discomfort and the occasional case of Hives in my 30’s. What changed? I got into a routine, and inevitably traded growth and curiosity for comfort and safety. Now don’t get me wrong, routines are great and beneficial for a healthy, balanced life; but like many of us I began letting my routine define me while ultimately stealing my joy and personal fulfillment. In other words, I got stuck just going through the motions of my life.
And so, to save my own sanity, I am starting a movement (cue the Brave heart theme song). A campaign if you will, called “You-Can-Change-Anything-In-60-Days” or “Keep the Change” for short. Too many times we hear the words, “That’s just the way I am” or “That is what I have been doing forever” but I refuse to accept that. We are all capable of change, no matter what age or situation we have been dealt. Unhealthy and overweight? Change your body. Pessimistic and Jaded? Change your mind. In Debt up to your eyeballs? Change your finances. It all starts with a plan and a little faith in yourself.
For me personally, I am going to start with running. As simple as it may seem, for years I have convinced myself that I cannot run; that I am not nor will I ever be a Runner. I have watched, envious of those people who run with the grace of a Giselle or the marathoners with their easy gait and lean bodies, as I clumsily stomped the pavement cursing every step of the way. But I am determined to change my attitude about Running while ultimately changing my mind about, well, change.

I will document it every step of the way for your enjoyment, inspiration, and my accountability. I will be completely honest with my stats, achievements, and shortcomings so as to make this process as authentic as possible. The start date is today, January 25, 2010 and will make my end date March 25, 2010. Will I be able achieve my total goal in 60 days? Maybe not. But the point is to establish a routine/lifestyle that will support my ultimate long term goal of being fit and proud of the skin I'm in. I will post new updates everyweek documenting the previous week and recording stats.
If you are reading this, please join me and make your own change and let me know about it. If you are unsure as to what you want to change or how to do it, write me and maybe I can help you find your way to a better you. As much as I love to talk about myself, this is supposed to be a movement so it would suffice to say that it should be more than just me. I will be happy to write in updates on your progress so we can all celebrate that changes we are capable of!

So let's huddle together, and 1..2..3...Go TEAM!!

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