Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Biggest Agenda

Holy Mother of Product Placement. The Biggest Loser is bordering on ridiculous with their hidden commercials throughout the show and frankly I am sick of being duped by these "surprise" attacks. Like when the contestants are casually rummaging through the cabinets trolling for something to eat when suddenly Jillian walks in with a full, un-opened pack of Extra Sugar Free Gum. "Hey Guys!" She says. "Are you craving a snack right about now?" The contestants look at her with a fixed smile and say, "Sure." She then pulls out the perfectly conditioned pack of gum and says, "Next time try chewing on this 5 calorie stick of gum to fight off your cravings and help you reach your goal." Oh really Jillian? You think a stick of 5 calorie gum is going to stop these two 467 pound tubbies from downing a sleeve of Oreo cookies? As if.
So, I have decided to come up with my own realistic product placement, in hopes that they will find this and follow suit.

Setting: Biggest Loser Kitchen, two contestants are scouring through the cabinets, violently tearing open bags of trailmix like two bears who have just crashed a picnic.
Jillian walks into the room holding a frying pan. "Hey guys!" She says. "Are you craving a snack right about now?" The two ravenous contestants look up at her with a crazed look in their eye and a chex square falling out of the corner of their mouth. "Sure." They repeat together.
She then holds out the frying pan and says, "Next time, take this frying pan and hit yourself over the head like this (she demonstrates). It should knock you out for about 45 minutes, enough time for that pesky craving to pass and help you reach your goal."

Calphalon Cookware- It's Not Just For Cracking Eggs.

The End.

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