Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 57: The Final Countdown..

Well, ladies and gentlemen, friends and foes, greasers and squares; the time is drawing nigh and my first journey of change is coming to an end. And I have to say that all in all, though I haven't totally reached my goal, I am well on my way and I am happy with the changes. On day 60 I will post my final results for you to see my progress etc.
In the meantime, I have been thinking about what I want my next 60 day challenge to be. And here are some of my thought processes:

Door #1.) Spiritual. Calm down all you Baptists, step away from your Bible tracts, I am not talking about being born again. I am talking about working on developing a deeper awareness of consciousness and gratitude, and trying not to be such a stone cold bitch. But I am not sure if I am ready for this, and I am pretty sure it would take more than 60 days... and possibly a priest and some holy water.

Door #2.) Financial. I love to spend money. The problem? I am not Paris Hilton. And this is a problem that needs to be addressed. So with this option I would put myself on a strict spending "diet" in order to pay off debt, and build some wealth... or at least enough to go to Applebee's on a regular basis and not feel bad about it.

Door #3.) Therapy. This is probably the most needed, but it looks like I would need to fix Door #2 before I could afford Door #3. Wait a second, does the new Health Care reform cover this? Oh Happy Day. I have always wanted to do this though, go to therapy and then write about it. It's like my all time narcissistic fantasy coming true- where I get to talk about myself, and then turn around and write about talking about myself! It's almost too exciting to take.

So which door will it be? I will reveal which one I choose on day 60, after completing this current challenge. So stay tuned, and please feel free to pitch in on which one you would like to see me do. Not that I will listen to you, but still, feel free to post.

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  1. I am all for some therapy - and no a great one if you decide to go with Door #3, however, I tend to think if you focus on Door #1, you might find most other areas in your life falling into place with greater ease. I could also suggest some great books as part of your process :)